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Eyes in the Sky

Achieve Persistent Situational Awareness with
HD Aerial Surveillance for the entirety of any event


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An Aerial Point of View for Events of Any Size.

CrowdCover services support events of any size, from small-scale gatherings to professional athletics. Our technology provides the perspective of real-time, dynamic, overhead full-motion video to enhance and force-multiply security measures for sporting events, concerts, festivals, and more.

Persistent Situational Awareness for Hours, or Even Days.

Our drones can stay in the air longer than any battery powered options.  This can provide continuous seamless footage with dynamic 360 degree visual capabilities for security at any event.

Event Security Intel

Stay informed above the crowd in real-time for the entire event with no gaps

HD Aerial Footage

Get live video and record it for later in HD quality with stable, clear pictures

Safe And Secure

Secure feeds keep video footage private, secure and encrypted

See the Tethered Drone Difference

We’ve designed our service around persistence information


Aerial Uptime for Any Event - No Refueling or Battery Swaps

Made in New York. Deployed Globally.

Our headquarters is located in Upstate New York, right here in the USA.  CrowdCover is a professional consulting and implementation company of seasoned professionals from the U.S. Military and Intelligence community.  We have the capability to service both domestic and international locations.

Recent Events

Here are some highlights from events we’ve provided situational awareness for.

Stay Above the Crowds


  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Any Crowd Any Size Audience

For Your Next Event

Let us know what, where, and when your next event is and we’ll be happy to provide a quote for an aerial surveillance solution that fits your needs.

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